CHALLENGE #4: Going universal.

This is a life long challenge.

It’s quite simple, throughout your life try and sleep with as many people from different countries as you can, anywhere that flies it’s own flag or is recognised by the united nations count. You can of course set yourself a goal, which works easier if you go to university (For example: 10 different countries by the end of the year).

The only rule to this is that you have to sleep with them, anything else such as foreplay or kissing doesn’t count.

CHALLENGE #3: Biscuits

This is primarily used as a chat up line.

When starting a conversation with a girl/guy your entire opening conversation has to based around biscuits, his/her answers will determine whether you walk away or stay and move on to talking about whatever it is that you deem useful enough to try and score with her.

You will have to stick to a script and if you are to change it in anyway you will have failed automatically.


Approach girl/guy and start with the this question:

  • Do you like biscuits?

If she/he says “yes” then you may move onto the next question, if she/he says “No” then you walk away, but if she asks why, what or anything other then yes or no you just keep asking the question until you receive an answer.

Next question:

  • Do you prefer bourbon or custard creams?

If she/he says anything other then bourbon then you walk away but if he/she says bourbon you can move to the final step. Simply say this last line:

  • Did you know that they were originally called Creola? it was changed to tribute the french royal family of the house of bourbon (laugh to yourself) and my friends said you couldn’t be taught anything new.

This challenge has been tested and has bizarrely worked on more than one occasion.


A pub made entirely of all the fucks I cannot give for this question.

CHALLENGE #2: The object hound

To perform this challenge you’ll need to be out with 2 or more people.

While on your night out the mission for each participating member is to return home with the most random object they can find, things like traffic cones and signs do not count as they are easily obtainable from the street. It must be from a house, club, bar, Garden or whenever your party/gathering is happening (except street parties). The winner will be decided by a group decision on who has the most random of all the objects obtained.

CHALLENGE #1: The Boss of me

On a night out anytime you’re trying to “get with” a girl (or guy) you may only respond with the lyrics from the song “boss of me” by they may be giants. You cannot miss match words to create a new sentence, you must use the lyrics exactly as sang.

Your responses can only be one of the following:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • I don’t know
  • Can you repeat the question
  • Your not the boss of me now
  • And you’re not so big (you can remove the word “and” from the begining of this sentence if you wish)
  • Life is unfair

Good luck with your challenge!